New York

New York is never neutral

in how it makes you feel.

New York can’t be forever

Unless you are a structure made of steel.

I suppose I became a woman in New York

How, I’m not sure–

Slowly, quietly–

Through mouth pain, survival mode and

Brain and body and heart ripped.

I’ve learned to tell a driver,

“Hey, man, it’s MY turn.”

I’ve learned no one is watching

And I can sing Jingle Bells loudly

As I walk down the street.

I’ve learned snow doesn’t kill you…

Just makes you very, very sad.

I’ve learned to clean out closets, take up less space

Call insurance

Get up early.

I’ve learned to run along the Hudson until I cry

I’ve learned to go through panic in the night

I’ve learned to love a daughter more than my own breath

New York! New York! If I left you my heart would break

But New York! New York, if I were to stay

Would you just break it anyway?

2 Replies to “New York”

  1. Beautiful…I am so glad we are actually coming to finally visit, if at least before your next journey begins.. love you!!!

  2. Oh honey….this is such touching and powerful.

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