Hello and other nonsense

So I never blog anymore. Oops. I also never brush my hair, so clearly I am not great at prioritizing. ( hint: I will never write a blog post called “How to manage your life”).

I’m also pretty sure that I’m blogging now because I don’t want to exercise, and this seems a more valid reason than eating more Rice Krispies.

I haven’t been writing. Here, there or anywhere. Also I’m reading through the Bible this year and right now I’m on Numbers…so yeah, that’s a barrel of laughs/inspiration. People have been so kind to read my book and to tell me, “keep writing!” But I am stuck and indecisive and one day I think I will write about a medicine that has horrible and highly contagious side effects so the users are gathered together and quarantined, the next day about an old lady at the beach, and then the next about some sort of kidnapping situation. Oh my gosh.

Then I find myself wishing I were wise/good enough to write non-fiction. To actually have a message for people. Instead I am in the throes of the thirties, wondering what life will be and confused about my place in it. I know I can’t wait to arrive. Because I will be waiting forever. And life is now, happening.

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  1. I actually think you could write a great non-fiction book, I’ve thought that many times before!

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