So this is the New Year…

Viv Cover

It seems like there is a buzz around me: 2017 is going to be good.

I don’t usually pay any attention to the start of a new calendar year, but this year I feel it. I couldn’t tell you why, but I feel more clear-headed and intentional than I ever have before. I never have a word for the year or even resolutions. This year I accidentally became one of those people who has a word and somehow that word is war. 

So intense and you are probably rolling your eyes and I don’t blame you.

This is the year I begin to fight for things that matter. I will fight for my marriage, my daughter, my spirit to be listening to Jesus. I will fight evil with light, with prayer, with adoption. I will not run from hard things like counseling, paperwork, fees, effort, embarrassment.

I have believed for awhile that I am just too passive and desperate for comfort to change. But it’s all a lie. I can be a fighter, in the way that I am meant to be a fighter.

I (and you)–we were made for more than a Netflix binge. So much more.

I’ve been quiet on this blog. I just finished up publishing a book and it took up all of my “extra” time. It turns out I love to write and hate promoting what I write. Speaking of fighting, I feel this is a season of fighting to be a writer. I want to write more books. In order to do that, I need to get the word out about this one. For some reason it is the most uncomfortable thing in the world to me.

So! Here’s to war and fighting and being uncomfortable and 2017!

My First Book!

It’s available on Amazon in Paperback and Kindle formats, or online at Barnes and Noble.  Or you can ask your local library to get it, too!

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