the one who knows

I’d spent a long time not hearing You speak. But I knew it wasn’t because You didn’t want to.

We were just a bit off.

And we were OK, weren’t we?


So that’s why that morning was as much to me as it was. I was idly thinking about how sometimes Bera is playing and then makes her way back to me for a cuddle. Just about five seconds, and then she is back to her cheery self. Like a re-set or a re-charging.


I was thinking how I need You like that. Then somehow, I find a song I had never heard of by a person I had never heard of.


Rockabye baby, come and rest

You’ve been tired lately, lay your head down

Don’t you think, baby, I know best?

I’ve been a Father for a long time


No one knows you better than me

And no one’s been a better friend.

        (from Cecie’s Lullabye by Steffany Gretzinger)


There’s no better song to go with the imagery I was thinking of, and He turned a stray thought into something that won’t leave me, and will always comfort me.


This was in the weeks before He helped me to lay down sin. Maybe He wanted to lure me in. To show me it is sweet to be known by Him, not scary.


I have these times that feel separate from the times that am I am “good” or “spiritual”. Those times can be very discouraging and isolating. I am not two separate people. I can’t live like I am.


There is not a thought or action or lack of action that we can’t turn our face to Him and say, “What about this? What do we do with this?”


I was reading about the Samaritan woman getting water at the well. Her last words in the story echo in my head, “Come see a man who knew all about the things I did, who knows me inside and out. Do you think this could be the Messiah?(!)” (Exclamation point added because WHOA.)


In the next chapter it says that many of the Samaritans in that village committed themselves to Him because of what the woman said. He knows me inside out. He knows all the things I did.


He knows us. This isn’t like when the principal finds out you TP’d their house. This is news that was good enough, life-altering enough for people to commit themselves to the One who knew.


There is no part of your life that needs to be hidden from Him. Don’t turn your face to the dark corner. But instead keep it facing the sweet chest of your Father who cradles you and knows you and all you’ve done and BOY does He love you.


No one knows you better than me

And no one’s been a better friend

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  1. Steffy always reminds me of YOU 🙂

    1. Knee Deep in Lovely says: Reply

      You are the one that told me about her! She’s pretty rad.

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