The peace poem

I am a constant over thinker/worrier. Like Crazy Town membership status. Worry that things will break, that days will be sad, that I’ll mess everything up.  Almost feel like God just straight up said these words to me while I sat on our pink sofa and I could smell the hyacinths near me. 

Peace, peace.

Take this BIG BOWL, spilling over

With peace.

Pour it over your head

With your mouth open wide

So that

You are full

And choppy days and waters

Cannot drown you.

I love to see you at peace.

When the calculating and hunting and nail biting 


The brow unfolds and shoulders fall

Darling– every concern,

I hold them all.

You aren’t missing anything

But you are looking still

For that final thing

So that that cavity will fill

But you are whole, you are mine, you are safe, you are fine.

Go lie in green grass 

Dip toes in quiet water

Close your red eyes

And let me watch over you

While you rest every part

And PEACE overcomes your heart.


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