My skin will never be perfect; my hair never right. Someone will always have better boots and better duvet covers.But I’ve been given the gift of today (cliche as that is). Even though it started in the too-early dark morning with two growing pimples and Unscrubbed pans and cold feet, still. Here I am. Breathing and heart beating. 

A smiling baby with a charmingly crusty face looking up at me from her bassinet after nap. (My God, when did she turn into this amazing person?)

Those hands! They are beefy palms and strong fingers and hangnails. And they fascinate me!

Bundling me and baby up to bear 20 wimpy degrees and walking on sidewalks singing bob Dylan. “It ain’t me babe…”

Two shots of espresso and a window to stare out of while she sits beside me in her stroller and stares down every customer.

There is always a limbo we return to; that I find myself in. Things are uncertain. But one thing isn’t: He is a good Father; an attentive Shepherd. 


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