Hello everyone! You may already know thanks to the wonders of facebook and instagram, but Bernadette June Knott was born into this world on Monday, August 3rd at 12:21pm! I’m sure I will go into all the insane details of that in another post. 

Let’s just say that this has been the most intense week of my life and I now consider women with multiple children superheros. 

Also, I love her.

This will be my world for a little while, and I’m slightly overwhelmed but mostly honored. I’ve set up some guest bloggers and those will be going up on Mondays! I can’t guarantee I will be posting updates, but who knows? Maybe you will get a random 3am post from me. Thanks for understanding!!



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  1. Congratulations with the birth of youre beautiful baby girl! I wish you lots of happiness.

  2. Congrats again! She’s so beautiful. Enjoy these sweet, exhausting, wonderful times šŸ˜‰

  3. Congratulations! I just had a little boy on July 17th, so I am fully in the “overwhelmed but honored” phase with you. It’s amazing and exhausting and I have no idea how women have more than one. Hope you’re getting a little sleep!

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