High Five For Friday

Oh my gosh, I actually remembered to blog! Hooooray!!

1. Dan and I met up with a dear friend at a South African restaurant in Fort Greene. It was friendly and warm, with pictures of Nelson Mandela everywhere and curries and lamb to be eaten. We actually befriended a guy giving out tea samples at Whole Foods and he recommended it to us.

2. Sometimes I don’t sleep well at night. I’ve never had this problem before. Sometimes I wake up at 3:30 am for the day. Ugh. I hate that! But these eye masks are very helpful for napping. Dan says mine makes me look like a superhero. I would wear the more girly one, but it pushes to hard on my eyeballs and gives me eye trauma. 

3. Post doctor visit cortado. This was a 3:30am morning and the doctor visit was intense blasting of the ears, so a cortado was in order.  I’d better get used to those sleepy eyes.

4. I’m due on Sunday. Sunday! It’s so nice to say that rather than “August second” like I’ve been saying for a million months. I’ve been prepping some crock-pot meals so we don’t go hungry during the baby-pocolypse. I really love zip-locks and crock-pots. What did women do before these modern day marvels??

5. This caught my eye as I was trying to nap today. I haven’t hung her mobile up yet. It’s just kind of hanging, all slanted like, from the window sill until I get her bassinet in place. This whole thing is so surreal. (And wouldn’t a cat LOVE this mobile?)
Oh my gosh, by the time of my next Friday post, she might be here! That is b-a-n-a-n-a-sssss. I will do my best to keep you posted. I have a few guest bloggers lined up for when I’m Knee Deep in Diapers (heh, heh, see what I did there…?). Stay tuned!!


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  1. Will keep my fingers crossed for your baby delivery on Sunday. Wish you all the best!

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