Diving  In

I am happy and honored to have Rhoda guest blogging for me today! Rhoda is a beautiful mother of 6, who shares her heart over at courageous surrender.


Wave after wave of flash backs are washing over me.

These waves are not accompanied by the calming sound of the surf gently rolling and rounding the shore rocks, nor the gulls singing their slightly obnoxious gull squawks. These waves are waves of tear inducing mommy making memories.

My sister Maranatha just had her first baby! Momentous mommy joy!!! Going through the process of her labor, delivery and bazillion hospital professionals explaining the bazillion things she now needs to do and pay attention to, I was washed afresh with the memories made in the moments my momminess went from inside of me and into my arms on the outside of me!

Okay honestly, the whole method of delivery into mommy hood felt like such an assault to my view of what was pretty! Beauty (in my wise 21 year old mind) was made up of the carefully crafted, meticulously managed details that all came together perfectly to make a gorgeous picture. This out of control chaos… was anything but pretty!!!

Six kids later, as I sit back and remember different individual waves of chaos, I am struck with the beauty of it all. What has changed? Well, besides everything… I am struck with how I use to vigorously attempt to control the waves, or maybe more the effect of the waves. I would tense myself strong and steady waiting for the wave to hit, and inevitably it would knock me over (which was always very un-pretty). I recognize through the process of remembering, that not nearly as often do I find myself tensing up strong and tall, instead I am learning to dive deep into the waves. Removing the force and rising up on the other side with my feet still under me!

One of my absolute favorite scriptures is Hosea 2:14-15, verse 14 says “Therefore I am now going to allure her, I will lead her into the wilderness and speak tenderly to her”. As I have been “allured” by my heavenly Father, I have found Him to be the most tender of tender!! He has softened my edges, and as He has wooed my heart I have begun finding the courage to dive deeper into Him when those chaos waves come on strong and high.

Each time that I dive deeply into Him when I see the waves approaching, my eyes open just a little bit wider to the beauty of each moment. The beauty within the chaos. As the waves continue to come – and they will – my heart’s cry is that I will continue to learn to respond first by diving into Him and rising up on the other side having been allured by the beauty of His tenderness! He truly makes things beautiful!!!


  My name is Rhoda McGhee. So excited to share this moment in life with you! I am a mother of six, so moments of pause and coffee are valued up there with price of gold for me! I am learning to do this life thing with thankfulness, love and grace, but it is definitely a learning process. Recently I was given the name “blogger”, which I am still adjusting to and learning about! Would love to have you stop by and say “hi” at courageous surrender . So much love to you all!

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