The Day Two Sisters Went Shopping

Hey everyone! This week’s post comes to you from Kendra, whom I’ve known for many years. Read more about her below!

Last week, my sister and I took a shopping trip together. It’s an annual thing in our sisterhood and we take it pretty seriously–good food, bargain hunting, and above average quoting from The Nanny. But, it’s more than that. It’s decompressing and sharing your day with one of the few people on earth who knows your heart. We started our day at a coffee shop, laughing over the joys in life and crying over the deep loss that our year has seen. We lost an uncle this year, we lost our Nanner that was more like a dearest friend than a grandmother. A job was lost. Anniversaries were joyously celebrated. A new baby was born. There is laughter and tears in every year and that morning, sitting with my sister, reminds me of Proverbs 27, “As iron sharpens iron, so one man sharpens another.”


And, just so you don’t feel that it was a heavy day, we left that coffee shop and laughed and shopped and ate (on repeat!) until we ended up exhausted in a Forever 21 dressing room. Please pass the essential oils. Then, we got gelato.

When I put this outfit together, I realized that the shoes and top are both from sister shopping trips, two different years. Combining new with vintage is so great. The top is Target, the skirt is a $6 find from Goodwill, and the sandals were on sale at Gap (12 dollars!).

I hope you have a sister or a bestie that you can take a day like this with. If the miles are too many, a phone call with a good friend does the soul well.


Kendra is a photographer and doTERRA Wellness Advocate in SC. She’s a follower of Jesus, married to her best friend and likes chocolate cake, baby kisses, and ice cream date night.




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  1. Love this! Definitely wish I lived closer to my sisters!

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