Super Subtle Hair change

What better time to attempt to make your hair “purple” (purple is a stretch…) than right before you give birth?

When Wella came out with these matte pastel shades, I was drooling over the idea of them.

They are low commitment (demi-permanent) as well, which is wonderful for me.

This is the model from Wella’s website. She started out with fairly heavy blonde highlights. (Cool colors tend to look darker.) It isn’t in-yo-face-Katy-Perry hair, but I like that. I don’t think mine was light enough to even be this noticeable, though. 

I’m not sure why, but in some areas it seemed to not even “take”. I processed longer than  max time. Hardly  anyone has noticed, but I kind of love it. Sneaky like a fox! 

4 Replies to “Super Subtle Hair change”

  1. I really love these! Do you think any of them would show up or show up better than others in my hair? Its darker reddish/brown. (Elizabeth from SC Sbux!)

    1. Knee Deep in Lovely says: Reply

      Thanks ELizabeth! So good to hear from you! Hope you guys are well. I’m thinking these would either intensify or neutralize what you have…like the pink might make your hair more matte, but not necessarily “pink”. The green would perhaps neutralize some of the natural warmth your hair has. You could always lighten a piece underneath!

  2. I heart your hair! Praying for your delivery!

  3. Thanks! (thanks for responding so quickly, I know you’re busy with baby!) I’m still thinking on it I will definitely do a small scale test first if I decide to go for it. Congrats on the little one!!

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