Vintage Sunday

This has been such a weird day. I started this day at 3:45am, wide awake. Darn you, pregnancy hormones!!

At 5:15am I was marking and cutting holes in the knees of my jeans.

By 10:45am, my phone only had 20% power left. (That’s when you know you woke up early.)

At six am, Dan was pouring luke-warm olive oil in my ear in an attempt to DELIVER ME from this popping/ear pain/underwater sound.

At 9:45am I was laying on a doctors table with stool softener in my ear for THIRTY MINUTES while Dan sat by me and watched one of the Harry Potter movies.

by noon, I was back in bed praying for a nap.

But! I still got dressed! And put friggin lipstick on. 

 You can barely see the holes in the knees (my five am project). I need to work on them. (Side note- my lipstick stayed on after a meal and an epic nap. Go Stila!!)

My shirt needed ironing. Sorry. When I got it, it had really cool pleats near the shoulder seam. 

Shirt: Zara (love their basics! This isn’t maternity!)

Pants: Hand-me down maternity jeans from my sister. Old Navy. (Hope you don’t mind I “distressed” them!)

Head scarf: a scrap of fabric from my fabric stash

Sunglasses: Aldo (I somehow got them for free when I bought some shoes there.)

Shoes: GH Bass Weejun Loafers

Purse: latico 

Necklace: thrift store

Happy Monday!! Eat some pancakes!


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  1. After all of that mess, and you dressed so well! Pure inspiration. I need to stop being lazy.

    1. Knee Deep in Lovely says: Reply

      nicole, in all honesty, i thought I was still going to make it to church. Otherwise, i prob would have been wearing sweatpants or a muu muu.

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