High Five for…Saturday?

A day late? Sure, why not? I have completely lost my mind and would like to blame it on “baby brain”, but for the last two weeks, I have completely forgotten to blog.

So happy Saturday! I just treated my self to a “polish change” (for those of us that can’t commit to a full pedicure).    The very nice nail tech was like, “What happened to your toenails?” I wish I knew, but they are crazy. Also I managed to spill coffee down my dress (same dress I wore yesterday and ran into my neighbor BOTH days. UGH) and walked back home with the cotton still between my toes. I am the bumpkin of this neighborhood.

1. Dan’s mom MADE us this beautiful quilt! Can you believe it?? It’s for the baby, but I want it for me!

2. Tiny little gallery wall for a tiny little baby. I tried to learn how to cut mat’s (the little one, not the big one) and I almost lost my mind. It looks sort of awful and I’m trying to learn to let it go.

3. Oh my goodness, we had quite the reunion this week! These are all people that used to go to our tiny little church in SC, and we all ended up at Brooklyn Bridge Park! Two of these girls have been living overseas, so it’s especially amazing. (Also- how cute are those kids!?)

4. One of those friends lives in India and she gave me this awesome cloth.  It’s not supposed to be a tablecloth, but I just wanted to look at it.

5. Say what you will about yelp, but it helped me find this cute and delicious little Japanese bakery in our neighborhood. It’s seriously hidden inside of another building. Decaf was disgusting, but the COOKIES, oh the cookies!

I’m 39 weeks tomorrow! AGH! Getting close. I’m getting over something and I have so much fluid in my ears I can’t hear a darn thing. It’s really makinig me insane.

Have a lovely weekend- soak up summer!! 

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