Sorry I forgot you!

So sometime halfway through Friday I realized that I completely forgot to post. It was a filled-up week, that’s for sure!

First of all there was camp. It was strangely nice to have somewhere to be. I would leave here around 7:45 and have an hour or so on the subway to just sit and sip a mezzo. One morning I remember sitting in the subway station. It was strangely breezy and not hot at all. A busker who is amazing was sitting three seats away from me singing his heart out and playing his ukelele and I thought, “I could literally sit here forever and be happy.” That is a rare thought to have in a subway station.

Camp was full of super affectionate kids. It was something to forget a culture of fashion and art and achievement and accumulation and enter into this simple one of holding hands with toothless wonders and Welch’s fruit snacks.  

 I met some amazing people who were volunteering for the week. And on the first day slipped into the bathroom and had to cry a little bit out of gratitude as the kids loud singing came through the door.

My belly was rubbed by grubby hands all week. I had no idea kindergarteners and first graders would be so excited about a baby. (“I want her to come now!” “She’s gonna be so cute!”) Even some of the boys gave my belly a kiss. Then those same little lips would tell me the most tragic things about babies in thier families that I had to look away so they wouldn’t see me crying. 

One girl from another group came up to me and said, “I saw you crying one day.”

me: “Oh yeah? When?”

“I don’t know. I looked at you and your eyes were wet.”

So observant!

On a lighter note, on the last day, I wore a jumper. One of the girls said, “Why are you wearing that?”

me: “Because it’s stretchy and can fit over my belly.”

her: “Oh. Well, you look crazy!”


It was a sweet week, but now I have a virus and feel awful. I feel like a cat- eat, sleep, pee. With some Captain Crunch and Netflix thrown in.

I also had a baby shower thrown for me and I felt so incredibly loved. 

We got to catch up with friends from SC and show them a little bit of our hood, eat with new friends on the Highline and have dinner with neighbors that I have a feeling will become wonderful friends.

A lovely week, and now I’m wiped out!

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