High Five For Friday

  Happy Friday everyone! Kicking this day off right with early morning emotional facebook videos and bagels from the nearby bagel place. I love walking through our neighborhood before most places are open. To see the stacks of newspapers at the door, some in wooden crates = glorious.

(also NY bagels are the best thing ever.)

1. Dan’s mom and our niece took us to the top of One World Trade Center! The elevator (or “sky pod” I think they called it- ha!) goes to the top in about a minute. Crazy.  I know this picture doesn’t show the view, but you can see the city 360. The view made me cry initially. (what doesn’t make me cry? This bagel is making me cry.)

2. At FAO Schwartz. We are a family of bears. Ran into some of our kin, who willingly posed for a photo.

3. Dan took this super cool picture at Coney Island. Our friend was performing there and it was also his birthday. One of those magical nights you don’t really ever forget.


4. I think nesting is a disease. It was taken over me. These are the decorations my sister in law made for my baby shower and now they are hanging in baby nook. I am also doing things like making yarn pom poms and painting dressers. It kind of looks like we are moving right now. (Sorry husband!)

5. Testing out this weird city Puj baby tub with a pinapple.  Our sink is really square and flat- defintely not designed with washing babies in mind!

Hope your Friday + weekend are wonderful!!



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