Culottes and Suburbs

Some things get a bad reputation, and, yet,  are awesome in some ways.

Take the awkard culotte, for instance. Please tell me that I am not the only one who had to wear these to church functions for modesty’s sake.

Are they a skirt? Are they shorts? Are they pants? They are all these things and none of these things all at the same time. It’s kind of a great invention. And not just for Sister Wives anymore.


I mean, swoon. Right?? (All from Zara except the denim jumpsuit which is from forever 21)

Kind of in this same category is the suburbs, I feel. No, you don’t have Thai food available to you 24/7 or the ability to walk just about anywhere. But here is what you DO have and I envy:

  • front (or back) porches
  • double vanities (admittedly, we have never had this, not even in the ‘burbs)
  • the ability to buy (affordable) groceries and then put them into a car
  • stars (not movie stars)

The other day Dan said, “The thing I miss the most is having a garbage disposal.”

cheers, to the not-so-obviously-wonderful things in this life.

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