High Five For Friday






Hello and happy Friday! It’s been a good week. I even gave my nephew his first haircut! I totally didn’t get a picture of it, though. Fail. This is a sweet season of my life and I’m incredibly thankful.


1. Spent a cozy Saturday reading a ton in Starbucks. We had free drink coupons so I ordered a huge drink and could only drink half.

2. Watched the Superbowl with some family. Mainly I just played with babies. Here is Dan  giving my nephew a better view of the game.




3. Packing up stuff is weird. Slowly but surely things are getting into boxes.

4. We got an apartment in nyc! This isn’t a great picture because they are painting, but I’m exciting about it! We had to sign, like, a million waivers about the basketball court!

5. I used FaceTime for the first time! Dan was in NYC, so it was nice to get to see his happy face.

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