Beauty on a Budget: Foundation

Since quitting my job, I have sort of tried (maybe, sorta) to cut back on some things. It’s not easy! Who knew what a spoiled princess I was (am)?

I think make-up is the hardest thing for me to buy cheaply. Clothes? No problem…that’s what Target and amazon and thrift stores are for. But I have such a stigma against cheap make-up. Maybe because I let myself wander into the professional brands. Maybe because , like with hair products, I know things are cheaper for a reason. I know the ingredients are inferior and the quality not as high. You get what you pay for, right?

But I think I found a foundation I like that is…get this… $4.99! The price almost made me “lol” at the register. I have been getting Pur Minerals liquid foundation which retails for about $36 (but it lasts forever!).

Stay Matte by Rimmel (in 100 Ivory)
I’m not sure how many shades they make for the Stay Matte, when I was at Ulta there were only about four left. (Which is annoying, but I guess a good sign!) I got the palest one and I think it’s good. I feel like it’s a little pale, but maybe cause I’ve been wearing make-up too dark for me. (I never notice until I see a picture and my neck is like four shades lighter! ugh!)


It is pretty thick, but in a “mousse-like” way. It’s not greasy or heavy at all. When I touch my face after I’ve applied it, it feels soft, not oily (miracle!) and almost like it is a powder and not a foundation.
My warnings would be 1) If you have dry or flaky skin, this is not for you! It’s designed for us oily people, but if your skin is normal or moisturized, I think it would work for you too. 2) Don’t use too much. I made that mistake the first time I put it on. I looked like a china doll! And not in a good way! Some of the reviews I read said it looked too “make-up like”, but if you start with a little ball and go from there, you will avoid that problem.
As far as coverage goes, it’s pretty good! I still use a concealer, of course! Another good tip for saving money: If you splurge on concealer and not foundation, put your foundation on first, then apply concealer anywhere that still needs it. You will use a lot less this way!

All in all, not bad for five bucks! What do you think? Do you usually spend more on foundation? Do you have any budget-friendly foundations that work? Do share!


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  1. Your hair! I love it this way. What did you do?

    I’ve been wondering if I should switch to a liquid. I really like my powder foundation, but it’s been years since I’ve tried liquid.

    1. Thanks Kendra! I used a Babyliss deep waver! I like the idea of powder make-up, but it’s not enough coverage (usually) for me.

      1. Ah! I’ve never thought of that. Which size deep waver? Can you suggest a good one?

        1. Knee Deep in Lovely says: Reply

          As far as I know, the two kinds of wavers will be regular or “deep”. I’ll be honest, I got the deep because I found it cheap at a hair show!! I worried it wouldn’t be enough wave, but I really like it! The Brand is Babyliss, which is a very trusted brand for hot tools among hairstylists. I will warn you that one side isn’t covered and it gets hot as blazes and the first time I used it I burnt the fire out of my finger.

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